Traditional Elven belief claims that their race was formed by powerful dragon mages to act as slaves and servitors, and that they eventually won their freedom with the help of the Dwarves. It is to these beginning that Elves credit their extraordinary lifespan, their natural propensity for magic, and their love of astronomy. It is also said to be the reason why so many Elven communites are found in the most secret parts of the woods and wildlands; so that they may be hidden and safe should the dragons ever seek to retrieve their missing servants.

Physical description: Elves are taller than Humans by several inches, on average, and are lithe of frame. Their slender, angular features, Asiatic eyes, long and pointed ears, and vibrantly colored hair and ireses makes Elves and exotic sight to behold for many races. Elven hair and iris color always match, and it is said that the color is supposed to be the same as the dragon who once enslaved the Elf’s ancestors.

Personality: As the longest-lived of the common races, Elves tend to think far in advance of where they currently are and make plans that can sometimes span a Human lifetime. As well, their long lifespans allow many Elves to spend decades focusing on esoteric studies and various other eccentricies. Often times this makes them appear flighty or sometimes aloof to other races.

Society: Elven communities are almost all naturally well-hidden enclaves that few among the other races know how to find. On top of that, Elven wizards also often add various illusions to trick the naked eye and further protect their homes from the hated dragons. Those with the proper aptitude for arcane learning always have a place in Elven society, and a powerful wizard is often the most well-respected member – provided no veterans of The Blood Hunt still live. Elves also widely believe themselves to be the first of the common races to have mastered arcane magic, and that it was through them that the other races learned. WHile unverifiable, it is not unlikely as the Elves are known to have some of the largest and oldest libraries of arcane literature throughout Dracia

Relations: Though pleasant enough, Elves are a patient people and do not make new friends quickly. However, once one has earned an Elf’s trust it is difficult to lose – often being equally patient with a person’s misgivings. On the whole, however, Elves tend to view all races as rather simple and generally reckless – most especially Humans. For some Elves these traits are seen as charming and lead to the Elf taking on a Human consort. With Dwarves, though the two races rarely see eye-to-eye, Elves will always know some amount of respect and trust that their old friends will always do right by them in the end, even if there are hiccups along the way.

Alignment and Religion: Elves tend to be private people and take great offense to any actions they see as compromising their personal freedom. As such, most Elves are chaotic rather than lawful. Otherwise, Elves motives and morals seems to vary wildly between individuals. Many Elves worship deities of magic as well as those of secrets or protection.

Adventurers: Elves rarely venture outside of their hidden homelands, but those that do are often wizards looking to add to their understand of arcane magic, or to discover new wonderous artifacts. There are, of course, also those Elves with a simple wander lust who turn to the ways of the Ranger to survive life in the wilderness as well as those who rely on the skills of the rogue in order to make their way through the winding cities found in Human lands.


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