Though often confused for either constructs or even an odd form of earth elemental, the Felsen actually trace their origins back to the Dragon Tomb Crater. Imbued with the residual arcane energies from the devastating blast, the Felsen grew from the local gemstones into the beings they are today, or so the story goes. Some speculate that the Felsen are made up of similar material as Vaner Gems, but tests have been inconclusive as few living members care for being experimented upon, and the dead are often in too battered of shape or unavailable.

Physical description: Falsen appear as angular humanoids, slightly taller than Humans, made entirely from a crystalline substance that often mimics the coloring of jewels and other precious gems. That being said, Felsen can come in a wide variety of sizes though they tend towards broad shoulders leading down into small waists and hips. Small burning orbs of light hidden behind their crystal skin serve as eyes and can run the gamut of colors, though they typically complement the given Felsen’s body coloration.

Personality: Stunning to look at, Felsen often find themselves at the center of attention, and few shy away from the opportunity to hold the spotlight. Despite a reputation for overly-large egos and flighty demeanors, Felsen are a highly faceted group of people and steadfast in their beliefs – which has led to an even greater reputation for stubbornness.

Society: Most Felsen communities are small enclaves found below the surface and are typically governed by a single member, often with strong arcane ability, chosen by the remainder of the group – the Magnate. This role, however, rarely amounts to much in the way of personal power so much as a great deal of responsibility. Fierce individualists, Felsen do not take kindly to being bossed around nor do they often try to force themselves. Therefore, the Magnate serves more as a protector and mediator, allowing life ad business within its enclave to proceed naturally.

Relations: Felsen are a gregarious people and enjoy the attention that their gem-like bodies provide them with, often moving between groups with ease and finding fast friends along the way. However, they are not fools, and they are aware that in some of the worst circles that these same bodies often fetch large prices. Felsen enjoy Elven sophistication and free-spiritedness and find Dwarves to be, generally, boorish and covetous people.

Alignment and Religion: The Felsen independent streak often pushes them more toward the chaotic end of the spectrum, and amiable natures leave a tendency toward good. However, there are those Felsen who hold on tighty to their traditions, and it is not uncommon for their egocentrism to lead to foul play in order to feed their more selfish desires.
Many Felsen tend to worship deities of beauty, earth, or those that encourage indivuality. There is also a respectable amount that follows the teachings of those gods whose portfolio includes the arcane arts.

Adventurers: With a storied history of talented Bards and powerful Sorcerers, many Felsen are encouraged to see the world and experience life among the other races. Many also make a name for themselves as able Fighters or even Clerics. However, Felsen tend lack the deftness required to make great Rogues or Rangers.

Racial Traits:

Abilities: +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity; Felsen are stunning and resilient, but they lack a certain adroitness.

Type: Felsen are Outsiders with the Native subtype

Size: Felsen are Medium-sized creatures

Speed: Felsen have a base speed of 30 feet.

Languages: Felsen begin play knowing Common and Fel. Felsen with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Layodrin, Terran, and Undercommon.

Cave Dweller: Felsen gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and Survival checks made underground.

Crystalline Form: Felsen have reflective, crystalline skin that grants them a +2 racial bonus to AC against rays. Once per day, they can deflect a single ray attack targeted at them as if they were using the Deflect Arrows feat.

Lightbringer: Felsen are immune to light-based blindness and dazzle effects, and are treated as one level higher when determining the effects of any light-based spells or effects they cast (including spell-like and supernatural abilities). Felsen with Charisma scores of 11 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities: At Will – light

Jagged Weapon: Felsen have the ability to temporarily alter a part of their body (typically an arm) into the shape of a sharp, jagged-edged blade. Once per day, as a swift action, a Felsen can make a body part a natural weapon that deals 1d6 slashing damage. This effect lasts for 1 minute/character level.


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