The Blood Hunt

Though dragons had long ago started to become wary of the mortal races – their illusions of invulnerability and omnipotence painfully shattered by the escape of several Elven troupes and the slaying of the red dragon Baast’Theran at the hands of the Human king Nurian Larnell and his forces – it was not until sometime in the spring of 2313 KrR that they began to be openly hunted by those over whom they once held dominion. Between a growing sense of defiance and a growing knowledge of the great arcane power locked into the dragon’s blood it was inevitable that these once great apex predators would become prey to the rightful ambitious and terrible greed of the mortals.

Most of the first dragons killed in the Blood Hunts were adolescents, their rule barely established or still looking for a domain. They could be called foolish or simply arrogant. They underestimated the ability of promises of wealth, land, and power to motivate the mortal races. In the earliest days of the hunt, the arcane arts were still in their infancy for both Humans and Elves, and they were almost unheard of to many of the other races. As such, wit was the most valuable weapon in the arsenal against dragon-kind. Poisoned offerings of cattle, trapping in the tight portions of terrain, and highly coordinated ambushes were the tools of early dragon hunters.

As the young and imprudent of their kind began to fall many elder dragons blamed their deaths on youthful folly and ignored these warnings of times to come, content to maintain their focus on besting their draconian rivals, while others began to cloister themselves within their lairs. Given both time and the negligence of their targets, those pioneers of arcane study were able to determine and codify the basic principles of the arcane arts. No longer restricted to unfocused burst of raw energy, early mages could now emulate elemental effects, empower weapons or allies, or even manipulate their surroundings. The young races now had a powerful new method of evening the playing field against their oppressors. It was now that the mortal races began to bring the fight to dragons Dracia rather than simply acting against local threats, and it was now that these efforts became an organized effort toward eradication.

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The Blood Hunt

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