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Welcome to Dracia!!

Dracia is a high-fantasy setting in which you, the players, will take on the roles of stalwart adventurers to explore this world’s wonders and secrets. In order to make this as pleasurable experience for everyone involved, I will use this space to describe some general guides and functions of the game.

Firstly, though this is a Pathfinder game, I do expect role-playing to be a fairly large part of our experience. That is not to say that I expect you to all play tea-sipping pansies looking to talk out their feelings with every monster that walks by; however, I am going to do my best to make Dracia feel like a living, breathing world full of interesting characters, exotic locales, and high amounts of drama – in the theatrical sense of interesting twists and turns as opposed to the catty, teenager sense of the word.

Second, in order to facilitate the role-playing aspect of this game and to inspire your humble GM with adventure ideas that will draw you in as a player, I ask that everyone provide me with an origin story of about 1 paragraph – or more if you’re feisty – that describes either 2 NPCs who are of some significance to your character, or 1 NPC and 1 event that are significant to your character and/or his development. If you choose the latter option, I ask that you please refrain from making the NPC and event/location more or less the same thing. I.E., if your significant NPC is the wizard under whom you were apprenticed, I don’t want to see your major experience being your apprenticeship. The event may have happened during that time, but it should still be – more or less – independent. Alternatively, if you can’t find a creative spark, you may choose from a selection of backgrounds I provide.

Third, to help add drama and tension to the story, and even the combats, every player will be given 2 Plot Twist cards at the start of the game, and a new one at every level. Plot Twist cards describe both a single mechanical effect as well as examples of dramatic turns of events related to the card. These cards may be used at any time. I encourage you to please use the dramatic interpretations of these cards as opposed to simply the mechanical effect as using the cards in fun, interesting ways is the only other way to get more cards. Remember!: the effects produced by these cards are up to interpretation by both yourself and your GM, so while they may help you turn the tides they won’t win an encounter for you (at least not a significant one).

Fourth, and finally, I intend to divide this campaign into “seasons” comprising of about 5 levels each. I would like every player to please provide me with 2 or 3 things they would like to see happen over the course of each season at its start – one of these should be a specific goal for your character from its perspective.

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